A man

He’s put on a fake smile,

It’s the 100th time, it’s been a while.

Since that smile was real,

A smile full of joy, rather than lies.

In this world of hate, his partner is fate.

He’s moving ahead battling his fears,

Alive in the day, but sleeping with his tears.

‘Be a man’ is what they told him,

But does this necessarily mean,

an emotionless heart, forbidden to convey.

Hiding your fears and run-away,

with a heavy heart and a puzzled mind,

such a person isn’t hard to find.

Every man around you experiences this once in their life,

Help them up, help them rise.


I was moving down the winding road,

The clouds seemed to be caught up on my back.

A ray of sunlight was peeping through the car window,

It danced on my face.

There was fog all around and the visibility was low,

Yet my vision was widened and my thoughts at the flow.

I felt bliss as we drove across this damp country road.

The greenery all around just awed me,

I got lost in this tender aura.

I seemed to be more than awake,

I was, Alive.

Fire’s life lessons

In this series of posts I am going to be throwing light on 3 classical elements (Fire, water and air) and how these relate to some important life lessons and also the qualities of leadership.

Fire-: Fire has always been a symbol for energy and passion. Fire is one of the four classical elements from Greek Philosophy and perhaps the most important element, as it is believed that no other element would have been created if it wasn’t for fire to exist.

But even in today’s modern world, fire symbolizes some important life lessons and qualities of leadership.

Image courtesy-: pinterest.

Life lessons-: Fire has been a epitome of energy, passion and devotion. And these 3 qualities are extremely important in life. Having passion is one of the most important things in shaping your career and life overall. Passion drives a lot of your choices. Devotion is always very important. It can devotion towards anything. It can be devotion towards your work, some person, god or even an entity. And energy is the core to anything. Anything is life is not possible if you do not have the right energy channelized within you.

Leadership-: Fire also resembles some important qualities of a good leader. The very first is dynamism and passion, which is very important for any leader. If the leader is motivated, then the entire team can be motivated, energetic and productive. It also shows the importance of discipline. If fire is burning in a limited and controlled way, it can support civilization, give dawn to life and bring about harmony. But if it becomes loose and spreads across it can bring mass destruction and harm. Discipline is very important for a leader as when the leader is disciplined and focused, the entire team can look up to the leader to absorb those qualities.

Teacher’s day.

Teacher’s day special-:

A good teacher,A myth, or a reality we ignored.

Every teacher was good until the students got bored.

Can’t we see how important it is to have someone to look upto

Not only for the teaching of subjects, but for the teachings of life too.
But what do we expect a teacher to be?

A friend, a guide, a mentor

Turns out that he or she is all

Battling life, a teacher stands strong

Patient like the earth, gentle like a flower

Look up, a good teacher is always around.
From holding  their hand on a field trip to taking selfies with them, we grew up…

From learning the alphabets to sin cos, we grew up…

From getting a star mark on our hand to filling the calendar pages with remarks, we grew up…

Dear teacher,This letter does not need a format because our hearts speak.

We love you all a lot.

Happy teacher’s day.

Defining love

Today I attempt to solve,

The most difficult question of all.

Defining love.

Is it the unexpected fall into the sea of feelings?

Or just a sweet get-away from the world’s worry?

Slow down dear, don’t be in a hurry.

Love may be that long walk the 2 souls take,

To find bliss and correct each other’s mistakes

These 2 figures walk down a memory lane,

Acting as pillars for fragments of love, hate and pain.

Love may also be that calm silence, that ends with a hearty laugh.

A power source for influential art.

Whatever love is it is very powerful,

It empowers people out of darkness.

Certainly love cannot be seen, it can only be felt.

It cannot be heard only expressed.


It came down like a charging bullet. But to the naked eye, it seemed rather delicate.

It came crashing down on entities below. But to them, it felt like a soft touch.

Moving in all directions, in complete havoc. But noticed as gentle criss-cross motion.

Sometimes wet, sometimes dry. It crusades the sky.

Detached from its owner. A feather flies.

The feather, soft like the snow. Seems to fall down gently in tune to the breeze.

But who knows how it feels? Or maybe we never tried.

How it feels exactly, like a gentle sailor? Or like a storm-ridden ship in the rough seas?

How little time does it take to make waivered assumptions about the things around. And long does it take to understand the truth, which lies deep down.


The immortal strength
The powerful element

It’s golden embers rise from underneath
It can dwell but also destroy.

As I sat beside it’s form(synonym)
The fire consumed my fear
It nurtured the silence and darkness around me.

All my worries and insecurities seemed to drown down the red hot wave of flames.

The demon.

Inside all of us, lies the evil

With instincts and actions like the mortal from the medieval

Caring for no-one else, it strolls like being self-obsessed

Even though it seems naturals, it looks rather possessed

Psychology calls it the ID

But I prefer calling it only human

Because in today’s world, that is the harsh reality.

This Demon resides within all of us and we foster it

It seems to rule over kindness and seems to commit

Us to the hatred of the world. which we don’t usually see

And in this blind state, we surrender to our fears on the knee

Lets awaken the true colors of humanity in us

To make the world a better place thus