A man

He’s put on a fake smile,

It’s the 100th time, it’s been a while.

Since that smile was real,

A smile full of joy, rather than lies.

In this world of hate, his partner is fate.

He’s moving ahead battling his fears,

Alive in the day, but sleeping with his tears.

‘Be a man’ is what they told him,

But does this necessarily mean,

an emotionless heart, forbidden to convey.

Hiding your fears and run-away,

with a heavy heart and a puzzled mind,

such a person isn’t hard to find.

Every man around you experiences this once in their life,

Help them up, help them rise.

Where are you?

Now my mistakes from the past are haunting me

I shouldn’t have left your hand that night,

Should have been a few words of comfort but it ended up being a fight.
I realise deep down that we both were wrong in our own way,

Now… I have something to say.

A sorry. Just a simple sorry.
But I think it’s too late,

I think you had your wait,

I think you are gone.

Where are you?
I miss the warmth of your hug,

The small palm nestled in my hand.

Maybe I did  misunderstand

But now, what should I do?

I frantically search for you.

But nothing’s your match.

Is is time to detach,

Or should I keep searching,

Where are you?

Moving on from a relationship is one of the toughest things in life. What are your thoughts on the same?

Water’s life lessons

Water is my personal favourite classical element because it exhibits some really important characteristics of leadership and that is what I am going to be talking about in this post.

A lot of people might have learnt this in science that water takes the shape of the container it is poured in. This characteristic/ ability is very important for a leader to have. Being able to mould oneself to adapt to the situation is essential for a leader. For example, everytime you might not get the ‘dream team’ that you want. In that case you will have to adapt and adjust according to your team and their strengths.

Another thing that water teaches us is that it can exist in all the 3 states of matter on earth, which means that a good leader should be flexible and capable enough to take up any task and solve any problem he or she may face.

Throughout this entire series of posts, I have spoken about how important lessons related to life and leadership can be learnt through nature. Most of the times, I have addressed a leader being a person who leads a team, but in real life, being a leader of your own life is very important. It is very important for you to realize that you need to start becoming responsible for your own work and actions. This way you can shape and mould your life the way you want to live it.


It came down like a charging bullet. But to the naked eye, it seemed rather delicate.

It came crashing down on entities below. But to them, it felt like a soft touch.

Moving in all directions, in complete havoc. But noticed as gentle criss-cross motion.

Sometimes wet, sometimes dry. It crusades the sky.

Detached from its owner. A feather flies.

The feather, soft like the snow. Seems to fall down gently in tune to the breeze.

But who knows how it feels? Or maybe we never tried.

How it feels exactly, like a gentle sailor? Or like a storm-ridden ship in the rough seas?

How little time does it take to make waivered assumptions about the things around. And long does it take to understand the truth, which lies deep down.

Mentally confined??

We have all experience what physical confinement is throughout this pandemic but we do not realize that somewhere throughout life we have felt mentally confined. Here’s a piece about the same.

I address everyone around

Everyone here on the same grounds.

I speak to every body, soul and mind

To all those people who care for their physique but when it comes to their feelings, they are completely blind.

How do these negative emotions and insecurities affect you, have you ever thought?

They pester you from inside and like a dried fruit, they rot.

Your insecurities pull you down the drain

Your heart shrieks in vain

But since it’s only you listening, you suffer the pain.

Your brain urges you, but you confine these feelings inside

Even though the brain seems to be in control, it’s you who is the monster outside.

Don’t be mentally confined, vent out your feeling to the people you trust

After all life is not about ‘I’ but about ‘us’…..