What was my mistake

I could see his lust filled eyes staring at me.

My arms were numb and I was lying down on the ground.

Chains of hate and aggression had confined me,

But the bruise on my thigh didn’t hurt as much as the one on my mind.

I could see myself being the ‘talk of the nation’,

I could see myself on people’s social media stories and posts.

But all of it didn’t last for long,

Soon everything faded.

I looked at the dark hallway I was in,

Aligning with the room’s aura.

My mind was like a blank slate but the last thought that came to my mind was,

‘What was my mistake?’

3 thoughts on “What was my mistake

    1. Hey Yassy, it’s Adit actually. Thanks a lot for asking. It really means a lot. I am perfectly fine. I have actually written this poem because of a recent rape incident that occurred in my country! But I am well and good.

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