Air’s life lessons

‘Make your presence felt.’ This quote is perfectly illustrated by the classical element air. Air makes its presence felt rather than being seen. And this value or characteristic is applicable both to life and to make a good leader.

One co-value to make your presence felt is confidence. When you are among a group of people, you sometimes feel that one person is very vibrant and is noticed by everyone. The secret to his/her energy and dynamism is confidence. Being confident is the key.

In leadership skills, adapting to this characteristic of air is very important. A good leader is one who comes ahead on behalf of team when the team fails, and let’s the team enjoy recognition and fame, when they succeed. Air cannot be seen but we cannot live without it. Always have such an attitude towards life, where do not always expect to be praised. Rather do such work and earn such respect that people themselves, willingly appreciate you.

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