Fire’s life lessons

In this series of posts I am going to be throwing light on 3 classical elements (Fire, water and air) and how these relate to some important life lessons and also the qualities of leadership.

Fire-: Fire has always been a symbol for energy and passion. Fire is one of the four classical elements from Greek Philosophy and perhaps the most important element, as it is believed that no other element would have been created if it wasn’t for fire to exist.

But even in today’s modern world, fire symbolizes some important life lessons and qualities of leadership.

Image courtesy-: pinterest.

Life lessons-: Fire has been a epitome of energy, passion and devotion. And these 3 qualities are extremely important in life. Having passion is one of the most important things in shaping your career and life overall. Passion drives a lot of your choices. Devotion is always very important. It can devotion towards anything. It can be devotion towards your work, some person, god or even an entity. And energy is the core to anything. Anything is life is not possible if you do not have the right energy channelized within you.

Leadership-: Fire also resembles some important qualities of a good leader. The very first is dynamism and passion, which is very important for any leader. If the leader is motivated, then the entire team can be motivated, energetic and productive. It also shows the importance of discipline. If fire is burning in a limited and controlled way, it can support civilization, give dawn to life and bring about harmony. But if it becomes loose and spreads across it can bring mass destruction and harm. Discipline is very important for a leader as when the leader is disciplined and focused, the entire team can look up to the leader to absorb those qualities.

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