Teacher’s day.

Teacher’s day special-:

A good teacher,A myth, or a reality we ignored.

Every teacher was good until the students got bored.

Can’t we see how important it is to have someone to look upto

Not only for the teaching of subjects, but for the teachings of life too.
But what do we expect a teacher to be?

A friend, a guide, a mentor

Turns out that he or she is all

Battling life, a teacher stands strong

Patient like the earth, gentle like a flower

Look up, a good teacher is always around.
From holding  their hand on a field trip to taking selfies with them, we grew up…

From learning the alphabets to sin cos, we grew up…

From getting a star mark on our hand to filling the calendar pages with remarks, we grew up…

Dear teacher,This letter does not need a format because our hearts speak.

We love you all a lot.

Happy teacher’s day.

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