Broken bus and mended mind.

A broken bus in an unfamiliar terrain is the last thing you would want. But can this be a chance to explore the enchanting beauty outside. Can you turn this unfortunate event into a fortunate epiphany? I guess your answer is yes.

I left my cozy seat behind almost like leaving behind my notions of peace and ventured out to delve into the allure of the surroundings. As I got off the creaky steps of the bus, the malodorous smell seemed to cling off my nose. One look around the expanse completely changed my perspective. Inside the bus, I was confined to my seat; my vision restrained to the few passengers around me. As I got off the bus I could see the lush green trees and the trickles of sunlight breaching through the dense cluster of trees all around me. I could hear faint yet melodious chirps from a distance. The whole atmosphere was very intriguing and serene and made me feel closer to nature as well as life. I walked a couple of meters and saw a few houses built at the base of the hills. They seemed like the only ones in this unexplored terrain. This small village appeared to me like a jewel nestled in the palms of the hill.

As I started to wander around, wanting to explore this placid and undisturbed habitat, thoughts started to flow into my mind. I couldn’t resist but think of what would happen to this place a decade from now?? I for one believe that this charming place will be a victim of commercialization. This place will no longer exhibit these serene vibes instead it will echo with human screeches. But what disgusted me the most was the knowledge that we are the ones destroying the beauty of these places. We are the one sucking the essence out of nature and then cribbing over it’s consequences. We are the ones responsible for our own doom.

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