Mentally confined??

We have all experience what physical confinement is throughout this pandemic but we do not realize that somewhere throughout life we have felt mentally confined. Here’s a piece about the same.

I address everyone around

Everyone here on the same grounds.

I speak to every body, soul and mind

To all those people who care for their physique but when it comes to their feelings, they are completely blind.

How do these negative emotions and insecurities affect you, have you ever thought?

They pester you from inside and like a dried fruit, they rot.

Your insecurities pull you down the drain

Your heart shrieks in vain

But since it’s only you listening, you suffer the pain.

Your brain urges you, but you confine these feelings inside

Even though the brain seems to be in control, it’s you who is the monster outside.

Don’t be mentally confined, vent out your feeling to the people you trust

After all life is not about ‘I’ but about ‘us’…..

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